JayrajSalgaonkarMr. JAYRAJ SALGAONKAR has invented a device named Oren Horn Usage Meter which will help curb noise pollution in India. The prepaid device, which fits near the dashboard of a vehicle, can be used in a non-intrusive way to not only charge the driver but also enable authorities to monitor, control and penalise people in case of excessive use of the horn. He is in talks with the state government and the traffic department for state wise implementation of this product. His aim is to not generate revenue from the device however; he wishes to bring a social change in the mind-set of the people in India. Mr. Salgaonkar was inspired to carry out work in this domain when he visited an auto expo in Germany. He witnessed that the cars there rarely honked. If the government decides to adopt this device, it will not only generate revenue for the state but also public goodwill as people are sick and tired of this continuous honking and studies suggest that nearly 30% of the fatigue we feel is due to noise pollution around us. The ever increasing number of cars and rising traffic density have led to unbearable noise pollution all over Mumbai, which was graded the noisiest city in the country by the Central Pollution Control Board. Mr. Jayraj wants to address this situation with his idea to implement this simple device and help restore some much needed peace to this fast-paced world we live in.


JameelShah  JAMEEL SHAH is the man behind Shah Shoes, a company that manufactures dancing shoes with an ever growing client list that includes Bollywood celebrities like Kajol, Abhishek Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif and international stars like Kylie Minogue. Jameel was born in Doghra village in Darbhanga, Bihar. He is the eldest of eight kids born to a poor farmer. Like numerous others who come to Mumbai, the land of opportunities, to make it big, Jameel too came to the city as a 14-year-old, in the year 1995.From working in a company that makes bags and wallets to being a watchman, doorkeeper, valet driver etc., this self-made entrepreneur had done it all before he found his true calling and could make a mark of his own in the city of dreams. He also has a passion for dancing and has been doing it for 12 years now.  He was a part of the Limca Book of Records in 2004 for dancing non-stop for 55 hours and 20 minutes in Goa. He had also started a coaching centre in his village to educate children. A man of many virtues, from running bare feet in his village to creating statement-making shoes for celebrities, Jameel Shah has come a long way.


VandhanaSaxenaVANDHANA SAXENA Poria is a UK Chartered Accountant who was born and raised in London.  After qualifying with HW Fisher she went on to work for Ernst & Young.  She left Ernst & Young to become the CEO of BPP International, the international division of the Europe’s largest listed professional training company, BPP Holdings Plc.  She then went on to become one of the founding directors of Get Through Guides, a company dedicated to providing affordable quality professional education around the globe.  She has also held various prominent voluntary positions with several NGOs. Vandana gave up her successful corporate career in Europe and chose to move to India in 2005 as she wanted to ‘cross-source’ best practices from the UK to India and vice-versa.  In 2006, as an entrepreneur, she moved to Pune with her family, to set up a ‘content research and creation’ company, Get Through Guides, which develops and publishes materials for UK and international professional qualifications and delivers training courses to corporates across India.  Get Through Guides books are already being sold across the world at cost-effective prices, making education more affordable for everyone. She also chairs the British Business Group in Pune, which she set up with support from the British High Commission and local Indian businessmen, with the aim of fostering bilateral trade and encouraging a deeper understanding of each other’s culture. She was awarded an OBE for services to British Trade, Investment and Education in 2008.


bhaktiSharmaBHAKTI SHARMA along with mother Leena Sharma set a world record of being the first daughter and mother to cross the English Channel swim relay. 19-year-old Bhakti and her 43-year-old mother Leena Sharma achieved the feat with Priyanka Gehlot, 20, from Jodhpur. By doing so the female trio from Rajasthan became the first team of three swimmers in Asia to cross the English Channel in 16 hours and 19 minutes. She is the youngest female swimmer in the world to swim across seven seas including 4 oceans. She accomplished fantastic feat of crossing the English Channel from Shakespeare Beach, Dover England to Callisport, France. Bhakti and her mother Leena Sharma have been awarded Gr8! Women of the Year in recently held The Kelvinator Gr8! Women’s Award 2012 function held on 15th February at Andheri, Mumbai.


LaxmanGoleLAXMAN GOLE Laxman served prison term in 19 criminal cases. But his brush with Gandhi’s autobiography “My Experiments with Truth” changed his life. Under the Gandhian influence, Gole, confessed to all his crimes and was released in February,2008. Since then he has been working in a bookstore dealing with Gandhian literature. Taking a cue from Gole, many prisoners decided to follow the Gandhian way and have sought his help.





SSG SUMIT SINGH GANDHI He is the founder of Sounds of Silence Foundation (SOS) and  Program Manager General Electric. He completed his education at Harvard Business School (SPM) and MBA from S.P Jain Institute of Management & Research.SOS is the first technology driven NGO for the hearing impaired.





KSUNAL SHAH Kunal Shah conceived the idea of online recharge of mobile phones using coupons which went viral and became an instant hit with today’s youth. At a time when India is still an early market for such exclusive deal based business, Kunal saw the opportunity and focussed on the basic need of average Indian mobile user. He believes that Innovation should drive business and not greed. He is the Founder CEO of freecharge.in, Accelyst Solutions Pvt Limited, Paisaback. He is also the Director of TIS International.

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